The history

Hotel Mondschein proudly looks back to a tradition of more than 500 years. Since 1976 the hotel has been owned by the Ischia family, who renovated it completely and shaped the hotel to what it is today: a charming family-run 4 stars city hotel.


The building was first mentioned in 1473, probably before that there was a fishing hut on this site, as the river Inn was an important shipping lane. During the last centuries the owners of the house changed several times. Around 1900 the hotel became well known and gradually increased its reputation, hosting famous guests such as Archduke Eugen.


The colorful row of houses at the left bank of the river Inn - where the hotel is located - is the oldest part of the city Innsbruck. In the 15th century the name "Anpruggen" has been created for this district. While this name was forgotten for long time, it reemerged again today.