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The history

Back into 1473

Nikolaus Kopernikus is born, the portuguese reach out over the equator on one of their expeditions, Frederick III – born in Innsbruck – is the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and ... „Gasthof Mondschein“ is built! Even earlier, there was a fisherman's house probably in the same place, as in these times the river Inn was still navigable.



Older than Old Town?

Our house is located in the middle of a row of colourful and historically important buildings on the left side of the river Inn. Founded as a market settlement, this place is considered the origin of Innsbruck. “Anpruggen” – an old name for our quarter – was a place for artisans, merchants and artists, and in part it is still today.



And 545 years later?

Centuries pass by and the hotel is handed over from one generation to the next. In 1976 the hotel is taken over by the Ischia family. Continuous renovation with love and lots of commitment have turned the hotel into a familiar and cosy place with charm and character.


Have an attentive walk through our house and discover some special characteristics from former times, such as the wooden wall spiked with wooden nails on the first floor and the beautiful ceiling with massive dark beams.

In our entrance hall you can see stone columns made of „Hötting breccia“, a special type of limestone which can be found in the mountains around Innsbruck. Also part of the historical Old Town is built with this type of material.

Our bar is located in a beautifully renovated roof construction, which gives the room a special and cosy atmosphere. The copper door of our elevator is beautifully decorated with the family plates of two former owners and the portraits of  Oskar von Wolkenstein and Walther von der Vogelweide, famous minnesingers.


We are very pleased to welcome guests from all over the world  and reassure you to do our very best to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

the Ischia family